1. Johnny's doesn't use harmful acids or strong alkalines in our wash process which, over time, can dull your paint and harm our environment.
  2. Johnny's Ultra Soft car wash cloths protect your vehicle's finish. We never use brushes that could scratch your vehicle.
  3. Johnny's uses the industry's highest quality soaps, waxes, rust inhibitors and clear coat to leave your vehicle looking great. We wash your vehicle like it was our own.
  4. Johnny's polymer soap acts like a magnet to pull the dirt to the surface from the pores of your clear coat where it is washed away with our soft cloths and treated rinse.
  5. Watch your vehicle go through the wash process and see how our "Gatlin Gun" high pressure nozzles clean the brake dust from your wheels. Most "exterior only" car washes leave unsightly brake dust on your wheels.
  6. We use only fresh soft water to rinse your vehicle clean. We never recycle dirty or soapy water in any stage of the wash process. Our wash process actually allows us to use less water than you'd use if you did it yourself at home!
  7. Our high speed turnbine dryers will dry most of your vehicle. Whatever they miss, we'll get by hand on the outside (including the door jams). It's a service level that's hard to find in today's world but it's our promise that your vehicle will be 100% dry, shiny and looking great when we return it to you.
  8. We clean your windows by hand ... inside and out! And we'll make sure your mirrors are spotless. We'll even clean your dash and console!
  9. We can save you money while you protect your investment. Be sure to purchase our coupon books of five washes for the price of four and you'll be saving 20% off the regular price of whatever wash package works best for you and your vehicle!
  10. WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION! We'll wash your vehicle to your satisfaction or we will re-wash it again until you are satisfied. Nobody leaves Johnny's with a dirty vehicle or a vehicle that's still dripping water.